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Sunday, January 15, 2012

December Holiday Cards

For those of you that know me I don't do holiday card shots very often. I am not really into props, unless they are knitted baby hats of course, so my idea of a holiday card has to match with the client. This year I got to take a few kids for cards. I thought I might share a small collection of the shots that I got. I had fun doing them and should try for more next year. Sorry for the quality of the two on the bottom. I scanned them and well, am I not good at knowing how to scan well.


Then I also took photos for these brothers but did not get a copy of the card. 


In December, yes took me toooo long to post this, 
I had the pleasure of meeting this super nice family. They came to me for their daughter's first birthday photos. She had quite the beautiful eyes!!! We had fun starting out trying to get some Christmas photos. Hee hee she wanted to rip off the bows and so we had fun and put one on her head. Loved it!!

We moved on to family and just some candid type shots. My favorite kind!!! Got some beauties!!!

This next one just interesting. I for some reason almost think it looks like a painting. I love the soft soft feel of it. 

Ahhhh then yes we tried the cake smash. Getting all of the other photos out of the way made for a tired little girl. We tried hard for her to go crazy on the cake. I mean who wouldn't want to eat and destroy a cake right? Oh yes one year olds sometimes don't know the fun of it LOL... She was a trooper and tried hard. Got a couple cake shots but not as messy as we all hoped. No problem the life of a model for the day is hard and hey from the shots above you can see she must have been exhausted! :-)

I managed to get a super cute closeup with some frosting that is cute cute cute...

Thanks for coming Charlotte!!! Hope your first birthday was amazing!!!!