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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ms. Lilly - Newborn Photo Session - Long Island Newborn Photographer - New York Newborn Photographer - Long Island Baby Photographer - Long Island Newborn Session - Mom2boyz Photography by Stacey Broggy

Introducing Ms. Lilly

Ms. Lilly's mom brought her to me for her newborn session. I first noticed her amazing hair!!!! What a beautiful baby!! Grandma came with mom and Lilly to enjoy the session. Lilly started out thinking that she was not ready for her photos but I had other plans :-).... My pure patience paid off and I finally won her over, to sleep that is LOL, and went on to do her session. She was still a little stinker and really did not want to be moved at all. I would have loved to pose her a little more but in my work, BABIES RULE!!! Hee hee. She got her way and only let me pose her how she wanted AND I got my way and got some beautiful photos..... Here are a few of my favorites from her session. Enjoy!!!

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Long Island Newborn Photographer, Long Island Baby Photographer, Long Island Newborn Session

Monday, July 14, 2014

Super Cute Mr. Michael!!! - Long Island Baby Photographer - Long Island Newborn Photographer Stacey Broggy - Long Island Newborn Photography Session - Nassau County Newborn Photographer

Still plugging away on my Blogging!!!! 

HERE he is Mr. Michael.. 

This cute little one came to me after mom had been asking around for a photographer. I was the lucky one that scooped up his session. I should say that mom had gone to another photographer and had a bad experience. I felt so bad for her. I know she had many offers of other photographers and I was elated when she messaged me for the session. I know she had mentioned that he didn't sleep at the first session SO I was prepared to take my time. As MUCH time as HE needed. It is his session :-) so I work on his time. Doing that..... HE ROCKED IT!!!!

I am sharing quite a few images this blog to show you why I love doing what I am doing!!! I love my job!!! Being a newborn photographer is not an easy job but it is so rewarding when you can have a session like this:  xxoo Michael!!!

Long Island Newborn Photographer 
Long Island New York Photographer
Nassau County Newborn Photographer

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mr. R - Newborn Photo Session - Long Island Newborn Photographer - Nassau County Baby Photographer - Mom2boyz Photography

Here are some of my favorites from this little Dreamer..... He was just so cute!!! Mom and Dad were so great too!!! Makes for a GREAT session... Enjoy some of the images from his dreamy session!!

Long Island Newborn Photographer - Nassau County Newborn Photographer - Suffolk County Newborn Photographer - Long Island Baby Photographer - Mom2boyz Photography - Stacey Broggy

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Harrison Favorites..-Long Island Newborn Photographer

Harrison's Newborn Session

Mr. Harrison came for a visit for his newborn photos. He was amazing. So sleepy!! He woke up at the end and didn't want to go into the bucket I had waiting but he settled for a basket instead, that he could stretch out in. His mom and dad were so nice!!! It was a great session! I offer around the 25-30 mark for number of photos I offer per session. That is single photo,s not one photo in color and then in black and white counting as 2 photos. I give a few black and white photos in a session and can convert any of the color photos to b&w if you want me to. 

Here is a collage of a few favorites from the session. 
Long Island Newborn Photographer, Syosset New York Newborn Photographer
Nassau County New York Newborn Photographer