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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Long Island Newborn Photography - Mom2boyz Photography - Welcome to 6 Day old Newborn Mr. C....

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Just the cutest little Mr. C.... Just 6 days old....

Mr. C arrived snug as a bug in his infant carrier.... I guess it was his "happy place." LOL Once mom and I took him out he was simply HUNGRY... and hungry.... and hungry.... Yes that makes the beginning of the session a bit difficult... Mom was so laid back (Thank you so very much mom!!!) and just kept feeding him, and yes, we waited... Waited for him to find his "NEW" happy place in my props ;-)   It may have taken a long time to get him to his new happy place, but the patience and calmness of the adults won.... He was finally asleep and happy enough to be photographed.... The session was a bit long but that is why I tell parents to come here and plan to sit tight because the babies are ALWAYS in charge. There is never a time that I want the babies to be unhappy so I will always wait until they are ready... With patience comes great rewards.... See for yourself!!!! Here are just a few of my favorites from his session... 
**Warning many cute photos.. Make sure you are sitting down before viewing** Hee hee

Drum roll please..... 
Mr. C:

Long Island newborn photographer Mom2boyz Photography

Long Island newborn photography

Long Island newborn photography

Newborn Photographer Stacey Broggy

Newborn Photographer Stacey Broggy

Newborn Photography Mom2boyz Photography

Long Island newborn photographer Stacey Broggy

Newborn Photos by Stacey Broggy

Long Island newborn photographer Mom2boyz Photography by Stacey Broggy

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