Long Island Newborn Photographer Stacey Broggy

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The best is a Saturday afternoon....

Saturdays are simply the best....

What is there not to love about going to a barn and riding horses?? There is nothing NOT to love! It is the best!!! I have always loved horses. When I was a kid my mom had let us take a few trail rides when we were on vacation. They were simply heaven. When I was looking for things for my older, not particularly sports inclined, son to do activity wise, horseback riding came to mind but I don't remember how. He loves it! All the boys ride because how could only one live the best dream ever! LOL.... 
   They have all been riding for 2 years now. I wish I had more money to make it more of a full time activity than just a half an hour a week. With 3 riding that is not practical but hey once a week is way more than none a week!!! ;-)  It is such an amazing experience!
    I always fibbed when I was younger claiming that I "owned a pony"... Ummmm yeah at some fake relatives house, on some fake barn "they" owned. I don't remember what the name of "my" pony was but it was white. At least I remember something about he or she. Probably a she. The joy in life now is the horses that my boys "own" now. Hee hee well they "own" them for the half an hour they ride on them each week. The barn is great in every way. I look forward to each week and cherish each lesson as they get better and better! 

 Liam on Charlie
 Quinn on Soho
Declan on Ms. Maggie Moo