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Friday, June 19, 2015

Long Island Newborn Photographer Mom2boyz Photography by Stacey Broggy - - Introducing Ms. M.... at 21 days old....

Doing my best with my blogging.. How is it possible I don't get them finished right away? Oh yes I remember now... I am a mom of 3, a newly working, 5 mornings a week,  part time teacher...... Next year only 3 mornings a week ;-) Enough said.. Oh wait and I am a photographer.. LOL.... Anyway my school year is over so now I should have no more excuses right??

Back to my blog... Well here are few shots from Ms. M's shoot. She was not a happy baby and her tummy was just acting all up... Mom was GREAT though. She stayed calm through the session and that helped me so much. Normally I work without the parents so they can sit back and relax but this session mom was right there to help keep her calm. LOL she liked mom's finger instead of the pacifier is the big reason she was such a help ;-)  Through our patience and NO rushing we were able to pull off the session. I pride myself on working with the baby and the baby's speed... If my sessions are too long for some photographers then well, I am different. I always let the baby control the speed of the session. A happy baby is always my goal. I also get a little extra cuddle time but who is counting hee hee.

Here are the 21 day old Ms. M's sample gallery... Enjoy!!!!
Mom2boyz Photography by Stacey Broggy

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