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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Long Island Newborn Photographer - Mom2boyz Photography - Introducing Ms. M... 5 days old.... Sweet as can be :-)

Ms. M..... Enjoy!!!

Little Ms. M. came for her newborn photos recently. She was just the sweetest little thing!! Her parents were amazing too!!! They sat back, watched TV, relaxed and let me do my job.... LOVE those sessions!!! They are in the same room just not right on top of the set-up where the photos are taken ;-)

I love that for a few reasons. The best one is then the parents are surprised with the photos since they really didn't watch every pose. I guarantee that it is hard to not watch right next to the baby the whole time... I also encourage the parents to relax as they feel comfortable doing. If you want to stand next to me the whole time, then do it.. It is your baby.... I do like when you get parents like Ms. M.'s though because I want your experience with me to be memorable as a great one!!!! Well enough words and let's get on with the photos!!!!! I decided to make a collage with some of my favorites instead of listing them separate. A little changing it up LOL....

**Notice the football one at the bottom... Not Dolphin's colors but still a super cute photo hee hee**

Long Island Newborn Photographer
Mom2boyz Photography
by Stacey Broggy

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